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Allergy, Food Intolerance and Health Testing.

Creating a healthier, happier you.

Our Story

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A globally recognised health and wellness provider

We have been helping people throughout the world with exclusive health testing and wellness products and services since 2008. Our ethos is simple: to be part of our valued customer’s journey to finding a healthier version of themselves, promoting overall happiness and wellbeing. We want you to find a healthier, happier you.


Discover the right test for you

Our tests are designed to provide you with the best information to make positive changes to your lifestyle. Our range includes both scientifically validated testing methods and complementary therapies in order to give you a wide and informed variety of options for your own unique health journey.

Fast Results

Step 1

Choose and order securely online

Step 2

Receive instructions, test & download the app.

Step 3

Take your sample and send to our labs.

Step 4

Receive your results and make positive changes.


Just some of our awards, accreditation and professional memberships

We're proud to be an accredited ISO9001 Allergy & Intolerance testing business, Complementary Medical Association members, and twice winner of the East Midlands Business Award. Our tests are endorsed and recommended by trusted organisations including Verywell Health and the Farr Institute.

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GDPR compliant
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Derbyshire Business Awards winner 2020
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We Were Featured

Watch the segment from BBC East Midlands

Have a look as our Managing Director, Jason Wootton talks to the BBC Health correspondent about our brand Test Your Intolerance and the tests we do.

View the subtitled version on YouTube.

Health Tests

Rapid at-home health testing kits

Using our rapid at-home health testing kits you can understand key health biomarkers from the comfort of your own home giving you the power to take further action if required or to regularly monitor your body’s performance for health optimisation.

Our Results

We offer all of our clients the opportunity to review our products and services through our partner, TrustedShops, and through our exclusive customer survey. Both provide us with invaluable feedback about our performance. We only endorse these methods of client reviews as they require the full purchase and customer journey to be completed before offering feedback making each and every review independent, anonymous and having experienced the same as you.


Would recommend us


Were impressed with their results


Are happy with the speed


Say symptoms affect their life

Helping You

Start making changes today

Suffering from discomfort or undiagnosed symptoms happens to most of us at some point and can be something we live with for years. 

Our range of allergy, food intolerance, sensitivity and health tests enable you to understand potential triggers and key biomarkers. Join over 9000 people every month who trust us to provide fast and accurate results. 


The Healthy Stuff team love to do their bit for good causes. In 2022 our main charity is Rainbows Children’s Hospice which cares for hundreds of families every year who have a child or young person with a serious or terminal illness which means that their lives will be shorter than most.

From online bingo to sponsored walks, the team and our partner businesses are committed to raising much-needed funds for this amazing cause.

Our brands are the highest-rated allergy tests by Trusted Shops. For over 14 years, we have been a worldwide leader, providing clients with answers at exceptional value for money.

Our range of allergy, food intolerance, sensitivity and health tests enable you to understand potential triggers and key biomarkers. Join over 9000 people every month who trust us to provide fast and accurate results. 

Partner Network

Join our partnership programme

Becoming a partner or reseller costs you nothing upfront and allows you to access our full range of tests and services at exclusive rates.

Your dedicated account handler will guide you through the process and advise you on the best products and services for your business.


Have a look at all of our current partners

We have partners all over the world, but we are always looking for more! It doesn’t matter what country you are based in or what languages your clients speak, reach out now for rapid sign-up.

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Distributor Registration Form

Submit your interest in becoming a distributor or reseller of our tests and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss the next steps.

    Tests of interest

    Our Brands

    At Test Your Intolerance, we have spent over 10 years of experience helping people restore their body’s natural balance. We offer a variety of Allergy, Intolerance, Bioresonance and DNA tests giving a comprehensive picture of a person’s well-being.

    In just a few simple steps, our customers are well on their way to transforming their bodies from the inside out with a selection of tests. There have been 450,000+ tests completed so far in our state-of-the-art UK laboratories and counting. Discover a happier, healthier you today at Test Your Intolerance.

    Lifelab Testing is the highest rated Allergy Testing company within the UK. Offering a range of tests, we are able to identify up to 160 key food and drink intolerances which could be affecting your lifestyle. Alternatively, we offer the full round package in the shape of our Complete Body Test.

    Our blood testing expertise means we can test for intolerances and also test for allergies. Helping those who suffer from bloating, headaches and migraines, Lifelab Testing can help you identify what may be causing these symptoms. Discover your extra mile and the cause of symptoms with Lifelab Testing.

    The number of people struggling with allergies, sensitivities and intolerances in the US is on the rise, with reports indicating that up to half of the US population could be affected. At Allergy Test, our aim is to help these people manage their symptoms by identifying exactly what their intolerances are testing a small hair sample against 975 food and non-food items.

    In just four simple steps, our customers are well on their way to transforming their bodies from the inside out. Learn more about your body and how it reacts to trigger items with one of America’s number one allergy and intolerance testing businesses, Allergy Test.