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Blood Test Instructions

General Information


  • Please read these instructions carefully before you begin
  • Please don’t take your blood sample immediately after strenuous exercise
  • If you have any difficulty take your blood sample please contact customer service.
  • This is a blood sample kit for self-testing. Please ensure you fill all of the circles on your blood spot collection card.
  • Please note: We require at least 6 full circles to the outer edge to enable us to complete your testing.



All blood collection kits include full instructions and information on the manufacturers of components.

A copy as a digital download is available here or by pressing the download button.

You should not attempt to proceed without the instructions and having read them fully.



  • Store this kit out of reach of children
  • This kit is for use of people aged over 2 years; under 16s should be supervised by an adult
  • If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your doctor before using this kit.
  • If you suffer from a congenital or acquired blood-clotting disorder or are taking anticoagulant medication, please consult your doctor before using this kit.
  • The included lancets are exclusive for your own use.
  • Ensure all components of the kit are present and undamaged prior to use.
  • You should ensure you read and fully understand the instruction prior to use.

Do not use this kit if you suffer from a blood-borne contagious illness such as hepatitis or HIV.

How to take your blood sample

If you have any questions, please send us an email at
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