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Hair Testing

Bioresonance Sensitivity Testing

Our Hair Tests

Healthy Stuff provide the highest quality non-IgE mediated tests anywhere in the world from our UK lab facilities. Since 2008 we have been a pioneer of bioresonance hair testing supply individuals with both smart and efficient sensitivity results on up to 975 items. Classed under the category of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) the tests are designed to help clients to identify dietary and environmental changes using a non-invasive test.

The Testing Process

Bioresonance technology has been used in practices globally since 1970’s and has been improving at a significant rate. For the testing that we perform, we require a few strands of hair which is placed in one of the four MARS III analytical machines.

From the sample the equipment generates a report to identify whether or not the client will have any reactions, and therefore whether or not you need to avoid certain items or could be experiencing any imbalances. Our test results provide customers with a comprehensive and detailed overview of the potential items which a client may be sensitive to.

Tests include food items, non-food items, nutrition and metals in one comprehensive report.

Why use bioresonance testing?

  • Easy to take sample – A small hair sample is all that is required from the client.
  • Test more items – Bioresonance testing allows us to test against a large number of items.
  • Fast turnaround – The testing process in our labs is faster than preparing a blood sample for IgG4 or IgE antibody analysis.
  • Low cost – Due to the speed of testing and the reduced work required to prepare a hair sample for testing we are able to pass on the savings to the client.
  • Alternative therapy – Many clients have exhausted other ‘conventional’ testing to discover the causes of symptoms.
Discover more about the science of bioresonance here

features & benefits.

  • Non-invasive test
  • PDF report emailed detailing results
  • A full guide on how to perform an elimination diet
  • Cost-effective
  • Facilities certified to ISO 9001
  • Results from our labs in 72 hours
  • White label results
  • White label submission forms
  • Marketing support materials

tests available.

  • Pet Test
  • Exclusive Intolerance Test
  • Boxed Exclusive Test


How do I take a hair sample?
The safest way to take a hair sample is to ask someone else to help you. First brush your hair upwards to reveal the root area at the back of the head, then holding a small amount of hair between the finger and thumb, cut the hair as close to the scalp as possible (without drawing blood). If you do not have anyone to help you, using a mirror may help ensure you avoid injury.
How much hair do I have to provide?
Only a small amount – 5 individual strands of hair. We do not require large clumps of hair.
My hair is dyed, will this affect the result?
No, the test is completed on the composition of the hair sample so hair colouring will have no effect on the result.
What accreditation does your equipment have?
Bruce Copen Laboratories follow a quality management system in accordance with  AC: 2007 and are certified as a manufacturer of medical products. The MARS III is approved as a medical device class IIa in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC.
Will the results have my logo on them?
Yes, your results can be amended to your branding on request.
Can I sell my test to anyone?
Yes. Your reseller status allows you to market to your own clients or in any territorial area authorised.
Where should I send my samples?
Please look at the partner shop page for your local postal address. Alternatively, it is often quicker to forward samples to our head office and labs at: Healthy Stuff Online Ltd. Unit 1A Bonington Complex, Trent Lane, Trent Lane Industrial Estate, Derby, DE74 2PY.
Can you test for coeliac disease?
We do not test for coeliac disease, however we can test for a gluten intolerance. If you suspect you may have coeliac disease we strongly recommend you seek advice from your GP.

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