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Ovarian Cancer (CA125) Test

The Home Ovarian Cancer (CA125) Test is designed to give a rapid indicator of the levels of CA125 in blood.

  • Five (5), ten (10) or twenty (20) kits
  • Easy blood spot test kit
  • CA125 (Cancer Antigen 125)
  • Instructions and guide
  • Mailed to you in 1-3 business days
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Order the Ovarian Cancer Test to gain a fast indication of elevated CA125 (Cancer Antigen 125) levels.

This partner exclusive is available as a pack of five (5), ten (10) or twenty (20) kits.

Used in aiding the detection of ovarian cancer or its reoccurrence. This prognostic biomarker is also used for fallopian tube or primary peritoneum cancers.

High levels of CA 125 do not always mean cancer and can be caused by other medical conditions causing health issues. Elevated CA 125 levels are common in perimenopausal women and a variety of benign conditions.

This test uses a small sample of blood in a compact testing kit which is mailed directly to you.

Simple & Easy

The easy-to-use CE approved testing kit is mailed immediately on purchase and should reach you within 1-3 working days.


In the box, there will be full instructions provided on how to complete the sample and testing process in 10 minutes.

Perfect for

Monitoring CA 125 levels on a regular basis can detect ovarian cancer and monitor treatment response or reoccurrence, preventing undetected cancer from going untreated and symptoms from becoming worse. Reasons for using this test include:

  • Family history of ovarian cancer
  • Lack of appetite or feeling full rapidly after eating
  • Urgent need to urinate or urinating more often than usual
  • Swollen stomach or feeling bloated
  • Pain or tenderness in your lower stomach or pelvic area
  • Weight loss
  • General fatigue
  • Variety of bowel issues

Additional information


5 Kits, 10 Kits, 20 Kits

Elevated levels of CA 125 will show as a positive test result on the test region (T) of the cassette and the more intense the colour, the higher the concentration of CA 125 in the sample, however any shade of colour in the test region should be considered positive.

The results can then be used to seek further medical advice, further diagnostic investigation, and to implement or monitor appropriate treatment depending on the diagnosis.

What’s included in the Ovarian Cancer (CA125) Test:

1 x Test Cassette
1 x Lancet
1 x Pipette/Capillary Tube for blood collection
1 x Test buffer
1 x Instructions

Note: You will require a method to time the process.

Cancer antigen 125 is a glycoprotein. Glycoproteins are molecules that consist of protein and carbohydrate chains that are involved in physiological functions including immune responses. This protein is found on most ovarian cancer cells and is then secreted into the blood stream.

The female ovaries store eggs and generally women ovulate once a month, releasing one matured egg from one of the ovaries and down the fallopian tubes. When abnormal ovarian cells grow their DNA mutates and quickly multiply, they can invade and destroy healthy tissue eventually forming a growth (tumour). There are several types of ovarian cancer depending on the type of cell the cancer began growing in: epithelial, germ, and stromal cells.

The symptoms of ovarian cancer if they present themselves at all consist of very common conditions, for example abdominal bloating, fatigue, or frequent urination to name a few, therefore it can be difficult to know what’s wrong and currently there is no fully reliable screening tool. However, a CA 125 test can be a useful tool as part of the diagnosis or for monitoring ovarian cancer.

High levels of CA 125 do not always mean cancer and can be caused by other medical conditions causing health issues. Elevated CA 125 levels are common in perimenopausal women and a variety of benign conditions. Significantly higher levels correlate with moderate to severe endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and abdominal inflammatory conditions such as diverticulitis, peritonitis, and pelvic inflammatory disease. More serious conditions can also produce high levels such as cirrhosis of the liver due to ascites, fluid collection in abdominal spaces. Research has also shown 10% of normal pregnant women showed rising levels of CA 125 without ovarian tumours.

Ovarian cancer is the second most harmful gynaecological malignancy, and the CA 125 tumour biomarker has primarily been the most useful tool for the past 40 years to allow individuals to seek medical care or treatment for ovarian cancer or other health issues.


  • Our at-home testing kit has been validated against CA 125 diagnostic kit (CMIA) and had 97.4% overall accuracy in comparison to similar tests.
  • CE-approved sample kit.
  • Results do not substantiate a medical diagnosis on their own but may be used by your doctor to help form a diagnosis or to request a secondary analytical test.
  • It is possible that technical or procedural errors or haematocrit (red blood cell volume percentage) levels outside 25-65% in the blood sample may cause erroneous results.


All information in the reports produced is intended to support medical advice to optimise your health. The results cannot be used to diagnose, treat, or cure medical/health conditions.

Always seek the advice of your doctor or another qualified health provider if you have a medical condition and/or medical symptoms. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it.