The Team

Jason Wootton
Managing Director

Jason has been the Managing Director of Healthy Stuff Online Limited since 2018 after a period of working for the group as the head of marketing. During his early career, he worked in the insurance profession, developing bespoke insurance products for members of affinity groups and associations. In his spare time, Jason still uses his entrepreneurial talents to develop new ideas and businesses. At 21 he started his first business in his spare time hiring bouncy castles and soon progressed to running a chain a promoted nightclub events throughout the Southwest.

Jason joined Healthy Stuff at the start providing a lead in the marketing of the business and the growth of the UK business. After several years, he left the business to live in Spain with his partner and develop their own marketing company and build a successful escape room business.

After selling the businesses and returning to the UK to start a family, Jason returned to the Healthy Stuff family and has continued to push the company forward with his dedicated team.

One of his proudest achievements in the business is applying the principles introduced in the insurance industry of treating customers fairly and providing clients with critical facts to the healthy stuff tests to allow them to purchase a product or service that is right for them.

Jason and his partner recently became adoptive parents and loves nothing more than spending time as a family travelling, eating out and doing fun things together.

The future for healthy stuff is exciting, and Jason and his team work tirelessly to provide first-class service, innovative products and services and continue to be the worlds leading allergy and intolerance testing business.

Dr Enzo Fornari, our Scientific Development Manager joined Healthy Stuff in August 2020 and he has over 7-years’ experience as Research Scientist (Post Doc) and Senior Research Scientist within academic and industrial settings.

Originally graduated as Pharmaceutical Biotechnology with a MSc (1st class Hon) in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from School of Pharmacy and Natural Products Universita’ di Camerino (Italy), moved in UK in 2010 as a Marie Curie Fellowship and graduated in December 2014 from The University of Nottingham School of Pharmacy with a PhD in Biophysics and Surface Analysis. The early years of his career were spent developing novel assays for the analysis of physical properties and aggregation of micronized material (APIs and human proteins), using Advanced Microscopy (AFM, Electronic and Optical Microscopies) working in collaboration with industrial partners (GSK, GMP Material Science, Novozymes). His passion then progressed into product development and in 2017 he joined to group of I-SMART material in Nottingham Trent working on the design, development, and characterisation of nanotechnologies for in vitro medical devices. Multiple applications were explored in the field of tissue engineering (spinal cord Injury) and medical diagnostics (3D retina, in vitro Parkinson studies). He has a real passion for innovation and technology and their applications in medical technology.

Within the company Enzo oversees the development of new product and the revision of scientific procedures and information across the websites for customer enquiries (science behind our testing, validity of our tests and up to date scientific research).

In his personal life Enzo is happily partnered and enjoys spending time walking and exploring the rural countryside with his Malti-poo Mr. Figaro. As a typical Italian man, he likes good food and cooking. If I am not walking, eating, or cooking you can find me on my Peloton burning off some calories!

Dr Enzo Fornari
Scientific Development Manager
Andy Gair
Head of Finance

Andy Gair, our Head of Finance, joined Healthy Stuff in August 2021, and manages the accounts department, in addition to reporting directly to the Board. Andy has over 15 years’ experience of working in accounts environments, for a range of industries and company styles, from SMEs and NFP to Blue chip.

Andy started off in accounts practice, gaining a wide knowledge in the process and analysis, in addition to tax works, and helping with strategic planning for clients. Following this, Andy began to work in the industry for SMEs, primarily in the East Midlands, with the look to increase growth and automation of systems in businesses. Andy also has experience in creating teams and infrastructure for growing businesses. He is used to working closely with key stakeholders to ensure the company is correctly identifying inefficiencies and looking for solutions to rectify these. His main joy in the job comes from driving companies forward and building infrastructure and systems to support a company’s growth.

Outside of work, Andy enjoys following local sports teams, having been a lifelong Leicester City Fan, walks in the countryside, and visiting sites of historical interest, in addition to charity works.

Cris is the Director of Operations for Healthy Stuff Online Ltd and has been a part of the company since August 2017. He initially joined as part of the marketing team and has helped the company to grow and reach more people across the world via more channels.

Graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University with a BA (Hons) Entertainment Management, he moved to Javea, Spain to set up a marketing company for small businesses on the coast to be able to reach new client via social media and new sites. Cris created new content, offered proofreading services and worked on the SEO pages on new sites. While in Spain, Cris also opened an escape room aimed at holidaymakers and led people through the bookings.

At Healthy Stuff, Cris was instrumental in the implementation of Salesforce, the world’s most extensive CRM system into the company, which has led to faster communication for customer service, a cleaner method for sales, and more communication with a customer. He has also worked closely on the customer journey, to ensure each customer gets more information and leaves with a higher level of satisfaction due to better communication.

In 2019, Cris began managing the Customer Service team and has allowed them to respond faster, and also have 24/7 LiveChat communication, on all channels. Customers can always get the up-to-date, correct information on their results, and be able to speak to a real person.

Within the company, Cris manages a team of 11 people across Marketing and Customer Service and believes that communication is a critical point in allowing a team to work together successfully.

In his personal life, Cris is happily partnered, and they have adopted a son as of 2019. They have a small dog they rescued from Spain called Foxi. He enjoys spending time with his family, keeping fit with walking and geocaching, and eating out. He is passionate about zombie films, and TV shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Cris West
Director of Operations
Jack Clarke
Operations Manager

Jack joined the Healthy Stuff team in June 2019, as our operations manager, and manages the daily operations and facilities of the business. His varied past has seen him gain experience in several industries and roles, from pharmaceuticals to building and engineering. The skills he has acquired allow him to undertake a variety of jobs here at Healthy Stuff.

Jack studied at Derby College and University, again covering several subjects from Psychology to History, with a primary focus on Film and Media. Going into the work force, he has held entry level and management positions from telesales & customer service to building maintenance, from pharmaceuticals to electrical and mechanical engineering he even had acting roles and has worked as a tour guide on the side!

At Healthy Stuff, Jack directly manages the Operations Team which includes the post and lab teams, along with any associated systems or processes. Due to the nature of his experience Jack manages the building and facilities as a whole.

­­­Louise Kate Young, our Lab Manager, joined Healthy Stuff in October 2020, and she has over 20 years of experience as a Clinical Bio Scientist and Embryologist in both clinical NHS hospitals and private laboratories in the UK and Japan.

She graduated with a BSc in Human Biological Studies from Leicester University, moved to Japan in 2006, where she specialized in IVF and embryology. As part of the research team, she developed novel IVF methods. She collaborated internationally on various clinical/non-clinical research trials, such as non-invasive diagnostic tools for the simultaneous analysis of endometrial receptivity and microbiota to improve reproductive outcomes in infertile patients. The early years of her career included Lab supervisor at Nottingham City Hospital’s Sperm Bank and Product Research and Development Technician at Boots PLC in Nottingham, testing sunscreen SPF’s and non-irritant baby products before focusing her expertise in ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) and Genetics, which became her passion.

Kate manages and coordinates our laboratory testing, including processing protocols, validations, research and ensures the highest level of in-house and required regulatory standards are maintained. She oversees the implementation of new technology and techniques to improve our services and laboratory practices constantly.

Kate’s life outside of work is somewhat both scientific and creative. She has successfully held several art exhibitions in Japan and worldwide that combine her love of science, which focused on different cultures combining both the traditional and modern ideals. She loves gardening but takes a scientific approach to it rather whilst studying a Diploma in Botany. She loves cooking food from all over the world and trying new recipes making her kitchen a cuisine lab. Kate enjoys a Japanese concept called “wabi-sabi”, which involves nature, acceptance, mindfulness, and teaches kimono on her weekends.

­­­Louise Kate Young
Lab Manager

Donna Mastriani-Taylor
Customer Service Manager

Donna Mastriani-Taylor, joined the Healthy Stuff team in February 2014 as part of the customer service and operations team. Donna has over 10 years of experience working in a customer service role and previous job roles included customer account and customer service management.

At Healthy Stuff, Donna oversees the day to day running of the customer service team and processes. This includes team management, setting customer satisfaction targets and working with the team to meet targets, establishing customer service policies and procedures, and interacting with the team and customers to ensure the best possible service.

In her personal life, Donna is happily married, and the mother to a daughter born 2019, and three rescue cats. Donna is very passionate about animal welfare and environmentalism and has been vegan since 2015. Her hobbies include reading, baking, gaming, playing piano, and attempting to keep fit after all the baking!